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Important things to know about Medicare:

Why do I even need a Medicare supplement?

Medicare only pays 80% of the bill. Unlike traditional health insurance the remaining 20% you pay has no limit and can put you at financial risk.

Do I need to take Medicare at age 65?

If you are still working and covered by an employer you can defer enrollment. If you’re not covered by another plan you may risk penalties later for not enrolling at age 65.

Can I get dropped or will my premium increase if I use the plan a lot?

No. The coverage is guaranteed renewal and you don’t get singled out for illness or injury.

When I travel can I go to any doctor or hospital with your company?

With our two most popular and strongest supplement plans F and G you can go to any clinic in the U.S. and have peace of mind that you are covered regardless of if the doctor accepts Medicare.

Can I sign up for Medicare at a later time?

If you are not covered by an active employer group plan, failure to enroll at age 65 can result in late enrollment penalties that last as long as you are alive.

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